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Easy Tricks for Saving Money at the Grocery Store


When compared to dining out, grocery shopping is the cheapest way to eat. However, even with the lower prices associated with buying and cooking your own food, groceries can still be pricey. It’s easy to spend more than you should, but with the right guidelines, it’s even easier to save a little each time you visit the store. Saving a little now accumulates into much more money saved on food in the long run. Here are some simple tricks you can use to spend less when you shop.


Choose the Store Brand

For most staples, stores sell both brand-name goods and their own imitation. A grocery store’s in-house product will always be cheaper. Choosing the store brand will save you money without providing a noticeable difference in food quality or taste.


Register for a Rewards Program

Most major grocery retailers offer rewards programs. When you spend money at big food conglomerates, the store gives you points as a percentage of your total purchase. Points accumulated over time can be applied as a discount to your grocery haul.

Some grocery stores offer discounted prices only available to rewards members. Rather than a point system, this rewards program marks down certain products for rewards members only. Sometimes the discounts can be significant – up to 50% off the list price – so being a rewards member has a big payoff.


Pay Attention to Discounted Prices

It’s common for grocery stores to put certain products on sale. Products often cycle through sales based on different times of the month. Selecting brands that are currently marked down is a great way to reduce the overall cost of your groceries.

When visiting the grocery store, a few mindful choices will save you money that adds up over time. The next time you shop, try the easy tricks above and start lowering your grocery bill.