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Four Hacks to Save BIG This Month

Four Hacks to Save BIG This Month

We’ve all heard about the idea of “latte money” — that cutting back on pricey morning coffees can change your lifestyle. That you can start saving enough money to make a difference. That you can transform your relationship with debt. Well, the good news is that you actually can start redefining the ways you spend money. This probably won’t come as a shocker — it has nothing to do with your morning coffee. 

Saving as much as a few hundred dollars a week is easier than you might think. Why leave money on the table? Why give your hard-earned dollars away for getting so little in return? Here’s how to stop that and saving more.

Let’s begin with a necessary and sometimes costly bill — insurance. If you drive, you have car insurance. If you have a home, then you probably have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy. You can’t do away with these monthly bills, but you can probably reduce them. Simply calling your insurance company and asking them to lower your rates often works. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a discount, but there’s also no harm is asking. Insurance companies make billions by hanging on to their customers, so missing out on a few dollars a month is often worth it to them to retain your business.

You like TV? We all do. But there’s a reason your TV probably doesn’t have a rabbit-ear antenna anymore. Technology improves and we move on to what’s bigger and better. So, why are you still paying for cable? It’s time to join the ranks of other “cord-cutters” and drop your monthly cable bill. You can get all the channels you love through a high-speed internet connection and a few wise decisions when it comes to a streaming
service or a smart TV.  

Another question. When you’re watching your favorite TV shows, are you scrolling through your phone at the same time? Don’t feel bad. Splitting time between two screens is the new norm, but you don’t have to pay so dearly to do it. Discount phone carriers offer the same services that the better-known brands do for a fraction of the price. You’ve probably already gotten rid of your landline. Now get rid of your high-priced mobile bills too. 

When you’re finished binging the latest shows on your cable-free TV connection and you’ve commented on the apps through your discounted mobile plan, you’re going to be hungry. Getting food delivered? Groceries? The latest slicer, dicer, chopper combo for your kitchen? Anything you buy online for your kitchen or any other room in your house probably has a better price than the one you’re seeing. By simply signing up to a cash-back app, you can save on items you’re going to purchase anyway. Most work without the need to take an extra step (past clicking “yes”) and the savings can really add up. We love Capital One Shopping. Happy savings!