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How to Get Amazon Warehouse Deals

You just bought the cutest pair of pajamas for your dog on Amazon. Nothing too fancy. Just a traditional blue and white stripe pattern complete with a little lapel and a tiny pocket in case she’d like to save a treat for later. But when the package arrived, they sent the wrong size and the wrong color. You and your dog aren’t pleased, but you’ve both survived this long without the pj’s so you ship them back to Amazon and request that your order be corrected. You then wonder… what happens to those ‘jammies? Will they eventually go to a bigger dog who prefers a different color palette? And could you, maybe get a picture of that dog in said pajamas? Tne way to potentially avoid such mishaps and make your online shopping more efficient and cost-effective is by using tools like Capital One Shopping.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get that picture. But the answer to what happens to all the items Amazon gets from returns could open a whole new world of deals for you and your pup. Here’s how.

Amazon Warehouse is the section of the Amazon retail site where items returned to the company get a second chance. The bonus for Amazon shoppers is that because these items can no longer be sold as new, they’re graded according to their level of wear and tear, scratch and dent, refurbished or not, etc. And all of the items in this section are marked down. Depending upon what condition or rating you’re willing to accept, and the corresponding discount off the original price you’re hoping to get, deals abound.  

Let’s check out those grades to see exactly what’s on offer in the Warehouse. Amazon goes into more detail, but the essential information is as follows:

Used – Like New: An item in perfect working condition.

Used – Very Good: An item in very good condition that may have been lightly used, but is fully functional.

Used – Good: An item that shows moderate signs of use and may be damaged, repackaged and missing accessories, instructions or assembly tools. 

Used – Acceptable: An item that’s very well-worn, but still fully functional and may have suffered major cosmetic defects, packaging issues and/or missing parts, accessories, instructions or tools.

As you can see, these ratings and the items they include really run a wide spectrum. We think that with so much waste being produced and so many perfectly good, manufactured items ending up in landfills (or worse) that being able to give goods another life while potentially saving a bundle is a pretty cool combination. So, the next time you need to replace some electronics, re-stock some seasonal goods, or outfit your best buddy with some sleepwear, consider Amazon Warehouse to keep a little more cash in your virtual wallet. 

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