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4 Tips for Traveling on a Budget


Discovering new places is exciting. You might be looking forward to trying the local cuisine or to visiting a famous landmark. Regardless of what activities you are planning, there are many options for saving money. Consider these four tips before booking your next adventure.

Monitor Hotel and Airline Prices

Prices for hotels and airlines fluctuate constantly. When your travel dates are relatively far out, monitor airline prices over a few days. When the price falls, book your tickets.

Hotel rates also fluctuate. Interestingly, most hotels allow cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. This means you can monitor the price until the day before your arrival. If the price drops, simply cancel and rebook your reservation.

Stay off the Beaten Path

You have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a place to stay. Hotels offer a variety of amenities, while vacation rentals provide more space. In either case, staying right in the middle of the action can be costly.

If you want to save money, venture off the beaten path. If you stay just a few miles from your main destination, you could save hundreds of dollars. You still have the advantage of being close by, so you don’t lose much time driving.

Learn the Public Transportation System

Learning your destination’s public transportation system is an easy way to save money. In big cities like Chicago and New York, buses and trains are convenient ways to get around. Using these methods of transportation will often be much cheaper than using rideshare services.

Take Advantage of Free Activities

The best part of visiting a new city is exploring everything that it has to offer. However, not all activities have to be expensive. Many major tourist destinations and cities offer free activities. Start by looking at the city’s calendar of events. You’ll be surprised at the number of fun options that are entirely free. You’ll also feel more like a local rather than a tourist.

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